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BTSBST how many times did manhi come on the song Cosas

BTSBST how many times did manhi come on the song Cosas


BTS||BST how many times did manhi come on the song?

I'm ready to die I'm just crying rn >> I can personally connect to this, and every time I hear this song I cry my eyes out at this.

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Instagram post by BTS MEMES • May 22, 2017 at 3:40am UTC

when u realize ur not a century girl bc ur a century boy:((( < <

Chiminie Oppa (gah it's weird saying Oppa, I feel like I'm invading

"If you stare at his eyes he will turn red quick"

When a song I like in general comes on I do the thing with my arms. Yet another reason why yoongi is my spirit animal

The accuracy omg

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same love, same

I don't have any "money money money" [email protected]

I just started getting into K-Pop and I'm already in love with

awww~ *starts sobbing* < < < Namjin is no longer a ship that sails it has reached its destination

Every BTS song though

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Cuz BTS gets too deep sometimes people say but I think they just like to express different songs and help different people by singing.with these sweet ...

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You can't interrupted me when I playing games too. I must win. If lose? Playing again!!

I'm literally going no where in life and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna fail all my classes. but at least bts is here //BTS- Yeah.pretty much failing.but i ...

Bts jaw line appreciation

It's a blessing

That moment when everyone is taller then you

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Photo: plz pose run for the camera BTS : pose Yoongi : " you guys pose while I go to sleep 👌" BTS " Really Suga"😞


Jungkook's disapproval; so go to school, ...

bts mani mani

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#BTS #Bangtan #Jhope #Jimin #Jungkook

Omg this is what i thought when i saw this im not even joking im so glad at somebody made this!

Haha me with kpop xD + my parents' reaction.

nae pi ttam nunmul nae majimak chumeul da gajyeoga ga wonhae MANHI MANHI YA (ㅋㅋㅋ)Thanks this song I became k-pop fan ...


We Fall So Someone's Wish Can Come True

They all look so adorable

bts scenarios

i cant remember like 10 people in social studies that we go over countless times but i can remember like at least 10 nicknames for each of the 7 members. i ...

yoongi is so cute kms

Momos BTS - 31

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Memes de BTS

One of my favorite kpop idol's wanted to be an anime character. (Tbh, I wanted to be Chihiro when I was in grade)

Yo quisiera uno T-T

*butterfly ends* *baepsae comes on* me: awww yea did my jameu! *does Suga's booty shake with tears streaming down my face* < < < So relatable


The sympathy is overwhelming. BTS Bon Voyage - the greatest gift Eppis ever received

BTS Love Yourself Her Concept Photo L version Jungkook

Check out their song 'Run' ...

I just love Taehyung's face when someone interrupt him while eating XD Jin looks genuinely happy XD

Golden boy is at it again

But I hope they'll never stop making music in korean

V being obsessed with BTS cypher

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BTS Jin Seokjin Suga Yoongi Rapmonster Namjoon J-Hope Hoseok Jimin V Taehyung Jungkook 💕💕

I wasn't even thinking dirty thoughts until I read this

J-hope BTS

v taehyung bts funny

Amo esse vídeo, momento épico do Hobi mozão❤

Natural Boy | Do not edit.

Cosas de BTS y más

This is gold! lmao

Sweet suga wkwk i cant imagine how cute he is when he calling holly like that

bts pics on

_. memes de bts 737

*dramatic song comes on because bangtan's so done and jin's why-are-you

imagenes 7u7 de memes de bts xD oe zhi!!!! pasen y diviertance

Quand ton bias commence à chanter

Stop calling him an alien it hurts his feelings :(

BTS V don't know who kaneki is but V does look like him and he look hot. I had a hard time deciding where this went// oh please, fuck me

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Lol literally me though (nah I probably would end up helping her in the end but if someone else gets there before me then I obviously won't do anything ...

I have done this.. its what we all do

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I'm hobi and my boyfriend is jimin and he rly loves rollercoasters and he told me he wanted to take me on some and I looked him dead in the eye and ...

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Blood Sweet & Tears fanart --- Escape the Night gives anyone?

life problems

I get super upset when ARMYS call Taehyung "ALIEN". There are several times


Army: Hobi-ssi when will you realease your mixtape for real tho


:v esta historia es de comedia, reúne mis shipp favoritos y cosas así…

Why do I only find this pic now

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V and jimin


Funko Forum

bia on

You can clearly see the happiness reflected in his face Aww

BTS Wallpaper V

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BTS got 4 awards tonight: Best dance performance, best music video, bonsang and Album of the year. They got the most awards at SMA

This always happens to me when I forget to unplug my iPad #

Jungkook Wings Wallpaper

I would very gladly pay for this album! I would also love to see it happen XD Fighting, Jin! < < < < I have pinned this already but I am pinning it again never ...

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aMEN #rapmoster